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The following essays have been Freshly Pressed by WordPress:

The Things We Do for Love (Dirty Jobs: Daughter Edition);

New York, and Goodbye

NYC Take Two: Tribute to a Friend

Personal Essay Archives


Busy Heart

A Mama’s Promise to Parents of Little Ones

Fawns and Chicks: A Promise to My Son

What Could a Rural White Woman Possibly Say About Racism in America?

All Cute Little Babies Turn Three (Or: Considering Making a Human? Read This First.)

How Two Broken People Kept Their Marriage from Breaking

Your Struggle Makes Me Stronger

On Staying the Course

The Photograph I Never Took

Motherhood, from My Side

May the Fourth

Say YES When You Can

This Land is Your Land: An Experienced Road Tripper’s Guide to Car Travel with Kids

Seasons of Dating: Winter (The Toddler Years)

New Family Member AND a Smidge of Weekend DIY

Goodbye, Old Boy

First Leg of the Journey

Flesh from Bone

On Houseflies and Humanity

Protecting My Child from a Sexual Predator – *top post

Bubbles, Burps, and Belly Remedies

What’s in a Name? (And What the Heck is a Stacy?)


When You Live in Snow Country

How to Talk So Kids will Listen

Spiders, Toads, and that Time I had it All Wrong

Full Circle

Kicking My Worst Habit

Smart Gifts for Curious Boys

Get Your Advent On

Best Girls

On Belonging

First Blog-iversary and Some Happy Little News

The Bully Who Pushed My Hot Button…

NYC Take Two: Tribute to a Friend – *Freshly Pressed

Maps, Poems, Ice Cream, and Other Remedies

Why I Won’t Monetize My Blog

20 Essentials for New Moms

Made to Serve

Easy, Cheesy Magic Zucchini

First Morning

Update and New Neighbors Post

The Big Fast Move

So Long, Suckers

Homeschooling: The Big Questions

What We Really Need from You, Grandma

All or Nothing

Strawberry Crisp (to the Third Power)

Bathtubs, Bush People, and How We Survived the First Nine Octobers

Hello, Summer

New York, and Goodbye – *Freshly Pressed

Potty Time

While We Wait

Keepin’ it Humble

Come Back

The Things No One Tells You

Backpackers and Snake Hackers: A Tribute to Real Moms

Take Me to a Place

Earth Love

How Reed does Life

Two Words You Should Always Say to Another Mom


Regurgitation and Redemption: More than Just a Puke Post

Unrestrained: Sex Talks We Need to be Having. Now

Great Expectations

Like A Girl

The Things We do for Love (Dirty Jobs: Daughter Edition) – *Freshly Pressed

It’s a What?

Come Inside


Guys and Dolls: The Update

The Only Prayer

Give a Little

Guys and Dolls


Run with It


In the Books

Revise and Improvise

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