How to Talk so Kids will Listen

Greetings, friends!

Are you partied out? We are two days deep in holiday festivities, and now awaiting the arrival of out-of-town relatives so we can celebrate my aunt and the hubs’s late December birthdays.

The kids have been pretty awesome this last couple days. Minimal fighting. Mostly good manners. Fair display of gift-receiving gratitude.

This morning, though, we’ve had a few minor hiccups, like a crying breakdown from Reed because he wasn’t allowed to eat the entire bag of Goldfish crackers for breakfast.

I know they’ve been overstimulated, over-sugared and under-rested, so I’m picking my battles today, drawing from my trusty bank of techniques for engaging with kids in a way that consistently works.

If you feel like you could use some help in that department too, check out my list of kid-communication tips at Lifehack Parenting: 11 Ways to Talk So Toddlers will Listen.

I hope the weekend allows rest and resetting for your family, too!



*Featured image by Amy Vivio Photography

12 thoughts on “How to Talk so Kids will Listen

  1. I will devour your tips – my children have been trolls today 😁 too much excitement, not enough sleep, to much sugar – oh that’s me – not them 😁 they’ve just been trolls 😨


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