Bubbles, Burps, and Belly Remedies

One of the highlights of my holiday season was snuggling my brand new niece. It was a freaky-fine miracle that all members of the extended fam were healthy so we could relish having a new babe around and take turns holding her without sneezing all over her.

And when I say take turns, I mean every now and then, one of us would pry her from Nana’s arms.


I guess when you’re 91, no one can fault you for being a baby hog.

Naturally, most of my Christmas conversations with my sis centered around festive topics like nighttime feedings and spit-up and gas.

My niece has had some bubble struggles, so I booted up the mom-remedy database in my noggin and offered my best belly-soothing tips, a few of which we practiced right there in the living room at my aunt’s birthday party (’cause that’s how we party these days…)

I decided to whip up an article of need-to-know info to help out other mamas and papas with gassy babes. When I got to thinking about it, though, these techniques (with the exception of burping) are not just for infants. Abdominal massage and knees-up positioning techniques provide relief for big people too.

(I mean, come on — if you’re holding one back in yoga class, just try keeping it in through Happy Baby pose.)


I hope you’ll give my suggestions a read, and maybe leave a comment with your own tips — or a selfie of you doing Happy Baby?

Just kidding. That would be weird. Not to mention impossible.

Stay windy, my friends.


*Featured image used with rights from Canva. Happy Baby image from Gaia.


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