How Two Broken People Kept Their Marriage from Breaking

Marriage is hard. It’s hard because life is hard. Because relationships are hard.

My Love and I are celebrating a decade of marriage today, and I mean CELEBRATING, because honestly, there was a time or two we didn’t know how we’d make it.

I’m dishing out truth today at HVFH about how two broken people kept their marriage from breaking.

Read the full post here –>

Cheers to ten!


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19 thoughts on “How Two Broken People Kept Their Marriage from Breaking

  1. “But there are also the rare and glorious moments when we truly come alive together — when we’re standing in the sunlight in a ripening garden of things we grew together. ”

    Wow. Yes. This.

    I wish you and your husband a thousand years more of happiness. (Any more than that might be greedy.)


    1. Thank you, Aileen. It’s one thing I wish people spoke about more openly — how much perseverance a marriage really does take. Thanks for letting me know that you can relate too, even after decades together.

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  2. We just passed our 11th anniversary. The first 5 were kinda rocky. We too almost didn’t make it. But here we are now happier and still in love. Great post, Stacy. Great post about bending without breaking.


    1. Thanks, Eric. I think most marriages have rocky months or rocky years. Seems the strongest of relationships have been put through the ringer more than once! Glad you could relate to this too — thanks for letting me know, friend!

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      1. And like you mentioned in your post, it mostly boils down to communication. We were talking to others but not so much each other. Things couldn’t change until we we started telling each other what we were telling others.


  3. So beautiful and real. I have been married 15 years and I can relate to every word you wrote. Love is hard and marriage is a choice, but it is SO worth it.


  4. ‘Never ceases to amaze me how you put into words….the MANY emotions that go into life! Whenever you compile your writings into a book, I want an autographed copy to pass on to my sons after I have read it over and over in my golden years….and shed many tears while doing so. Thank you for your gift of writing, Stacy!


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