8 thoughts on “The Photograph I Never Took

  1. How true! It’s about so many things, I was lucky to go to Iceland and go out to see dolphins, I made sure I saw if for real rather than through the phone screen and told my husband to do the same! Some moments are so much better truly experienced. Hope the hippo’s doing well 😉


    1. Yes! Pictures are important, but in an amazing context like watching dolphins, it’s such a gift to, as you said, see it “for real rather than through the screen!” Thanks for relating and sharing, Frances.

      And yes, the hippo is doing well. He has made his second visit to the spring and is waiting in the door compartment of the car for his third 😉


  2. I enjoyed 🙂 This is a great topic for us Mommy bloggers! Going hands free is so challenging in our virtual world… but it’s essential for connecting and really being in the moment with our kids!

    All the best,


    1. It IS challenging! I want to document our journey, but I don’t want to get so caught up in doing so that I miss the beauty in front of my face!

      Thanks for reading and relating, Lindsay.

      Here’s to balance!

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