Protecting My Child from a Sexual Predator

It took five years of time and space before I resolved to write about our experiences with a now-convicted sex offender.

If ever I’ve hoped my friends would read and share a post, it’s now. It’s that important to me — and dare I suggest it should be that important to you, too?

If you leave a comment (and I always hope you will) please do so with compassion.

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16 thoughts on “Protecting My Child from a Sexual Predator

  1. Thank you for sharing this! I’m so glad that your family is safe. My mother never let me go over to my best friend’s house when we were growing up – her dad was the only one who would be at home to watch us. My mother wasn’t comfortable, and of course at the time, I was embarrassed and angry. My best friend and her mother were also angry and defensive about it. I have since spoken to my best friend about it again, and although her dad was and still is the sweetest man alive, we both understand why my mother was so protective. She knew that when I was younger, I hadn’t developed the balls to say no, or scream, or say anything to anybody because I was a very shy little girl who really liked to people-please. She knew this and didn’t want to take any risks with something that could potentially scar me for my entire life. (Thanks, Mom.) I just hope that I have that same kind of intuition that you and my mother have when I’m a mother someday.


    1. What a great mom to protect you that way! I remember being upset with my own mother for not letting me attend a sleepover party at the home of a friend whose parents were strangers. Like you said, I totally get it now as an adult, and am thankful for my mother’s protection before I was bold enough to protect myself. Thank you for reading and leaving such a thoughtful comment, Jessica.

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      1. Thanks for reading! I’m scared of how my kids are going to be upset at me when it comes time for me to say no to sleepovers for them! I’ll be saying the same thing my mother said to me, “You’ll understand when you have your own kids.” 🙂


  2. Thank you, Stacy, for sharing this! Excellent information & so true. Unfortunately I am one of the many who have experienced sexual abuse as a child, so I am very much aware of this issue! Carolyn


    1. I’m sorry that you are one of so many who experienced sexual abuse as a child, Carolyn. The victims are many because the predators are far too many. I hope this article helps prevent even one child from this type of devastation.

      Thank you for letting me know you see value in what I’ve written here. This story was difficult to tell, but begging to be shared.

      Peace, Stacy


  3. Your “Spidey Senses” were obviously working quite well. What amazes me about Bob was his complete lack of either naiveté or cry for help in asking your husband for help with his computer. Do you think there was a hope there he would be caught? His sentence was actually quite lenient.


    1. My husband and I have wondered that many times. It would be hard for us to believe he didn’t expect the evidence to be found. It was everywhere — photos, videos, email exchanges, etc.

      I agree that the sentence was lenient — far too light in my opinion. It also took three years for sentencing, which is (again, in my opinion) unacceptable.


    1. Thank you, Tiffany. You are right — many parents feel that abuse is something that happens to other people. I hope sharing our experiences can stop even one other child from being abused.

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  4. Thank you Stacy for making people aware . My Children are grown but I do have Great Grandchildren and it sent a chill when I read how easy it would of been if you were not a wise and caring Mom. I pray that my Grandchildren will be ever watching their little ones and teaching them what to do. We tend to get chatting and not observing what is going on around us. Keep that watchful eye—our children are so precious.


    1. You are so right, Dorie. And it doesn’t take long for abuse to take place.

      Thank you for reading and for the support. Education, awareness, and the power of prayer can do so much in preventing abuse of our precious ones.


  5. Wow that’s a very chilling experience. Thank you for sharing and spreading awareness. I have 2 six year old boys and one of them is special needs. I’m always scared for them and I watch them like a hawk.
    These people are sick people and shouldn’t even be around.


    1. It is chilling, indeed. I’m glad to hear you are aware of the risks, and watchful over your boys. My hope is that we parents would all be watchful on behalf of one another. Thank you for reading and for taking a moment to comment.

      Best, Stacy

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