The Bully Who Pushed My Hot Button…

One comment I hear often about my personality is that I’m calm and collected — that I keep my cool in high-drama situations.

It hasn’t always been this way, but when one is subjected to blessed by three messy, active boys in under four years, one has a tendency to learn to tolerate high levels of noise, roughhousing, and tomfoolery.

It takes a lot for me to lose my cool, but last week it happened. It wasn’t my kids who fanned my flames either — it was a stranger in a restaurant who crossed the line and did something I just can’t ignore.

The whole situation has really had me thinking this past week about hot buttons and how we react to the individuals who push them.

I hope you’ll read my story here, then share your own hot-button stories in the comments below.

Keep cool, my friends,


5 thoughts on “The Bully Who Pushed My Hot Button…

  1. Great post and wonderful reaction! Congrats to you! We shouldn’t fear to stand up for what we believe in.
    You did well, we should do the same every time we feel, witness an act of disrespect, however hard it can be. Because that’s what will make people realize and maybe change their behavior.


    1. I so agree, Juls. It is HARD, but necessary for us all to take care of one another.

      I doubt that bully changed his ways just because of my intervention, but I do hope that I perhaps caused him to at least examine his ways and consider the condition of his heart.

      Thank you for the encouraging comment!

      Best, Stacy

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  2. Way to go on being bold! I agree with Laurie, your bully might not think twice about your words but I’m sure the waitress has thought about them again and again!

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  3. Kudos to you Stacy for standing up to the bully. You have put an impression on the hearts of the waitress and the young man that joined forces with you against the bully . Maybe the next time they see someone being bullied they won’t think twice about going to their rescue. And I’m sure you put an impression on the bully’s heart as well . And maybe he’ll think twice about bullying next time. You’re a great person . Keep being that Warrior Princess that you are👑🏹

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