First Blog-iversary and Some Happy Little News

Readers, Dearests, Friends,

I’m tickled to announce that after a year of “trying out this blogging thing,” Revisions of Grandeur is here to stay. I purchased the domain for the blog and can now be found at (Don’t worry, your old links will redirect!).

A year ago today, I published my introductory post at Revisions of Grandeur. I tried way too hard. I was nervous as all get-out to hit PUBLISH. I had no idea what my next essay would be about. Sixty posts later, I feel so at home with my audience. We’re growing together and going strong, and I have lots of folks to thank for it.

To the people who shared their life experiences through Grand Edits Guest Features, thank you. You are the reason I started this blog. Your stories have been viewed thousands of times , inspiring and bringing hope to a world that needs it.

To the folks who have read my posts, I know your busy lives pull you in many directions, and I’m so grateful that you’ve given me the gift of your time. Thank you for seeing value in what I do. I’d love to know what you’ve enjoyed the most so I can keep it goin’ on!

To all who have shared my work, thank you. Because I don’t advertise, I rely on my readers to help others find me. The internet is swamped with content these days, but shares and recommendations from friends are still how many of us find the content that speaks to us.

To those of you who have encouraged me or related to my stories through your comments, I am deeply grateful. Blogging can be lonely work! Even the posts that receive thousands of views generate only a few comments. I truly appreciate every one of them. Thank you to all who have taken a moment to let me know that someone is on the other side reading my words.

To the good folks at WordPress — wow. When I chose WordPress as my platform, I honestly didn’t know what a GREAT decision that would turn out to be. My reader feed has helped me to make dozens of connections with blogger friends, and the Freshly Pressed feed has lead me to numerous high quality blogs. Having three of my own essays recognized on Freshly Pressed has allowed me to build a worldwide audience. WordPress will always receive my recommendation for the best blog platform out there.

To my family and friends who have given me grace and space when my nose is stuck in my laptop, thanks for letting me do my thing! To everyone who said YES when I called or texted, “Do you mind if I write about this…” or “Can I put this pic on the blog…” thank you. You make life rich and rewarding and worth writing about. (Muuuaaah!)

When I started Revisions of Grandeur, I hoped I could guilt convince my inner circle to read my essays. A following of 100 would have thrilled me. One year in, we are a community of 3,300, growing every day. We’ve had nearly 60,000 views in 125 different countries, and my socks have been knocked so far off my feet I may never find them again…

Since I was a little girl scrawling nerdy original poems in birthday cards, writing has been the work that brings joy to my days, and I’m grateful to all of you and to God for giving me the opportunity to channel that passion into something that shines light and connects hearts.

Cheers to the first year — here’s to many more!

❤ Stacy

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Thanks for visiting me here.


22 thoughts on “First Blog-iversary and Some Happy Little News

  1. Hey congratulations! What an impressive first year by the sounds of it, and most importantly you’ve enjoyed it – and so, it seems, have many others 🙂 Haven’t been able to read as much as I’d have liked on WordPress, including your very humorous and wise essays, these last few months (slow internet and busy with work) but I’ve really enjoyed what I have read. Keep up the great work – happy blogging birthday, and may there be many more! H x


    1. It has been fun indeed, Harula! Thanks for the congrats. I always enjoy stopping by your blog too for a lovely poem or breath of fresh air. Glad to have met you here!


  2. Happy anniversary! Good for you for finding your God-given talent and running with it! God bless you on this journey. I enjoy your blogs and I like the spiritual vibe. There’s always a connection and we need more exposure to ‘the truth.’ Peace and love to you.


  3. Congratulations, you have given me hope. I just started blogging two months ago. I wish in a year I would be able to achieve what you have.


  4. *i just tried to post a comment but my email address was already linked to a WordPress account I forgot about. I made a small attempt to blog years ago but I didn’t stick to it. Anyways… I lost the comment somewhere in the “I lost my password” links so I’m going to submit it again and hope it doesn’t post twice.

    Thank you for sharing a part of your life with us! Thank you for making me laugh, cry and for inspiring me to through your down to earth words of wisdom to think about things in ways I never have.
    You truly have an amazing gift!
    Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Congratulations to you on your first anniversary! I am so proud of you and the amazing things you have accomplished in one short year. I am always thrilled to share your posts and let others enjoy your work. So glad you are chasing your dream, I will always be here cheering you on! Love you!


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