Grand Edits Feature Stories

All of life is a draft. We look ahead with expectations and hopes of what the future will bring, but so often, circumstances beyond our control force us to rethink our plans. So we edit our pages, making grand revisions, determined to create a narrative that is beautiful, albeit messy — our own shabby, yet shimmering story. Welcome to Grand Edits, a guest-post series about revising, adapting, and overcoming.


June Grand Edits Guest Feature: A few people have asked what happened to the recent Grand Edits Guest Feature about the adoptive family from Indiana. We decided it was best to tuck the post away until the adoption is complete. We hope to bring it back soon! Thanks for the kind thoughts and prayers for this couple as they journey through the process of becoming family.

Grand Edits with Paula Conery and Mindy Thoreson-Sertich: Revising Life with Multiple Sclerosis


Grand Edits with Dennis Lynch: Revising Life after Military Service

Grand Edits with Cheryl O’Neil: Revising Life after Domestic Violence

Grand Edits with Leticia Riley: Revising Life after Pregnancy Loss

Grand Edits with Austin Lucas: Revising Life after Substance Abuse

Grand Edits with Rich Henrion: Revising Life with a New Direction

Grand Edits with Lance Ellis: Revising Life after Losing a Child

Grand Edits with Brandi Matonich: Revising Life after Teenage Pregnancy

Grand Edits Update: *The Fabulous Robert Andy Coombs*

Grand Edits with Jaclynn Kreider: Revising Life after Losing a Parent

Grand Edits with Trang Danielson: Revising Life after International Adoption

Grand Edits Update: *SUPERBLAKE*

Grand Edits with Lisa Wangerin: Revising Life with a New Take on Love

Grand Edits with Bob Coombs: Revising Life as a Quadriplegic


Grand Edits with Becky Kleikamp: Revising Life After the Loss of Two Children

Grand Edits with Gwen Sternhagen: Revising Life with an SMA-diagnosed Child

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