New Family Member AND a Smidge of Weekend DIY

Last Saturday, we lost our sweet dog, Riley. He was our family’s first pet, and saying goodbye to him was rough.

On Sunday, my husband and I buried him at the edge of the woods, sobbing as we tossed shovelfuls of dirt and snow onto the shell of our old friend.


On Monday evening, after a much-too-quiet afternoon at home, I asked my husband what he thought about getting another dog. Typically the more reasonable of our partnership, he suggested we wait six months and then discuss it so we don’t make an emotional decision. Reluctantly, I agreed.

On Tuesday, we brought home a puppy.


Does this make us impulsive?


(Because if seeing this face every day means I’m impulsive, I want to be impulsive forever.)

Despite his tendencies to mess on the floor and make a general racket through the night, we’re quite smitten with our little Scout.


We’ve hit up the pet store a couple times already this week for treats and toys, but every time I set foot in the place, I’m appalled at what they charge for a ball or a tug toy. Most of what I saw was in the ten-dollar range. Seriously? For something that’s going to get slobbered on and mangled and destroyed?

What I really wanted for our pup was a nice toy for tossing around and playing tug-of-war. The classic rope bones have been deemed unsafe by vets (you know that whole linear intestinal foreign body thing), SO being the crafty and frugal gal I am (laugh if you know me), I hit up the local craft department for some fleece remnants and set out to make my own.

Here’s what I whipped up.


The long thin rope on the left with several knots is made from six 60″ strands braided together (two strands per section).

The thick “bone” in the middle is made from six 30″ sections braided together (two strands per section).

The squiddy looking guy on the right is made from twelve 30″ strands. I braided the center, joined the ends together, then wrapped it tightly with a few fleece strips and hid the knots in the middle of the bundle.

With each one, I pulled the strips taut as I braided so the finished product would be nice and dense for those murderously sharp puppy teeth.

I think Scout approves.


I know these two do.


The best part is, three tuggy toys cost me fifteen minutes and just over two bucks.

That’s all, guys. Really. That’s the excitement of my Saturdays lately. I may top it off with some Everybody Loves Raymond reruns if I can stay up ’til eight.



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12 thoughts on “New Family Member AND a Smidge of Weekend DIY

  1. Hahaha I am laughing because that sounds like exactly the sort of thing my husband and I would do. Scout is super cute and I love the toys you made him. They are even washable which is awesome 🙂
    Scout seems very happy and like a special little guy. We ended up with our second fur baby Sam when we were taking a kitten we had found to the shelter. When we were leaving a lady in the carpark handed me this ball of fluff and said she couldn’t stand to take him inside. I fell in love, looked at my husband and he sighed and said, “just get in the car”. Many years later we are still completely in love and it was an amazing choice for our other dog who previously had issues with anxiety. Getting her a friend made a huge difference for her. Some things are just meant to be 🙂


  2. Well hello there Scout! He’s adorable. I love the chew toys and the fact that you made them. What a great way to save money on something that is going to slobbered on and destroyed anyway.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Such a cute puppy! I am thinking of getting one soon. I am little skeptical, because I have never had one before. I’ve recently moved to the suburbs and I have a yard, so I am seriously considering that. I am also concerned about the cost. They charge too much for all the accessories, but I guess I have to get inventive like you. Very inspiring post!


    1. It is a lot of work and expense, but so much fun. Now that I’ve had a dog, I can’t imagine life without one! Best wishes in finding the right friend for you.


  4. what a cute story and you sure know how to save money . Think you will be happy you got another dog right away and I am sure the boys will .
    Have fun with Scout. He is part of your family now.


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