A Swell Day

Dear Friends,

I was draggin’ my wagon after last week’s hip surgery, but I think I may have turned the corner this morning.

I’ve already. . .

Cleaned my eyeglasses.

Color-code highlighted my appointment calendar.

Soaked my feet in Epsom salts.

Swatted four houseflies from my recliner.

Took my blood pressure three times.

Cleaned and oiled the foam pads of my crutches.

Clipped coupons from the grocery store flier. You wouldn’t believe the prices they’re offering on Ensure and Metamucil! (I wonder if they deliver…)  Continue reading

I Used to Know Things (But Then I Became a Parent)

It is too perfect that Her View from Home published my newest post on a day where the boys and I had to go into SEVERAL public places on errands. There were whoopie cushions sounded at the dollar store, ice cream spilled THREE times at DQ, and bully stick butt-poking wars at the feed mill. If you don’t know what a bully stick is, you should probably Google that.

You’re welcome…

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Come again!


Darndest Things: Issue Seven

Happy Friday, Friends! Start your weekend off right with a few laughs from these little ones…

Recently, I came home from the gym, and my three-year-old approached me, asking, “Can you talk like Yoda now, Mommy?”

Wondering if I’d understood him, I repeated, “Talk like Yoda?”

“Yeah! You were at ‘Yoda class,’” he answered, pointing to the rolled-up yoga mat hanging from my shoulder. “Can you talk like Yoda now?”

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All Cute Little Babies Turn Three (Or: Considering Making a Human? Read This First)

Just around the time my middle son turned five and morphed into a loving, funny little human capable of logic and reasoning, my youngest turned three.

I should have seen this coming – the “threenage” years. I should have prepared myself for the onslaught of destruction and nastiness and upheaval that comes with the threes.

Come on, Harrison! Get your head in the game. Ear plugs. Fresh tennies. Rubber gloves, stat!  Continue reading

Darndest Things: Issue Five

March is a huge month for birthdays in our family – there are nine among our extended family. When Miles turned three a couple weeks ago, we dusted off the courage-for-immunizations talk.

Last Friday my six-year-old stood before the calendar and exclaimed, “Mom! It’s your birthday!” Suddenly his expression turned somber. “I’m sorry to say it’s your turn to be brave for shots.”

We’re trying not to let the dread of shots put a damper on our month, or the outlandish election year coverage around every media corner. I have to say, this promise from my friend Daniele’s daughter sounds a bit like some of the mumbo jumbo I’ve been hearing on the news lately…

“If I was the Presudent I wod sav are cuchreree.”
Save the cuchrerees!

Abby, you might just have my vote come November.

No, seriously.

Enjoy the rest of these quotes submitted by the parents of some truly hilarious kiddos.

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What’s in a Name? (And What the Heck is a Stacy?)

Last night, my girlfriends and I went out to a movie and some much-needed post-holiday catch-up time. My friend Jenny and I ended the night like we often do, sitting in a minivan way later than when we intended to go home (so, like 10:00) talking about parenting and relationships and mindful living and Michael Jackson.

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Darndest Things: Issue Three

My youngest son, Miles, is two-and-a-half — one of my favorite ages.


Kids this age crack me up as they transition from the baby stage to the kid stage. Miles has this staccato way of talking that makes me want to video-record every sentence.

Recently, our neighbors spotted a cougar on their trail camera, and we have all been more cautious in the woods and yard because of it. A few days ago, Miles asked me to carry him from the car to the house in the dark so the “Too-ger” wouldn’t get him.

Once inside, he puffed his chest up and said, “Guess what, Mama,” emphasizing every word, “If I ever see that too-ger, I’m going to Hulk-mash him and throw him in a bol-cano full of hot lava.”

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