First Blog-iversary and Some Happy Little News

Readers, Dearests, Friends,

I’m tickled to announce that after a year of “trying out this blogging thing,” Revisions of Grandeur is here to stay. I purchased the domain for the blog and can now be found at (Don’t worry, your old links will redirect!).

A year ago today, I published my introductory post at Revisions of Grandeur. I tried way too hard. I was nervous as all get-out to hit PUBLISH. I had no idea what my next essay would be about. Sixty posts later, I feel so at home with my audience. We’re growing together and going strong, and I have lots of folks to thank for it. Continue reading

The Bully Who Pushed My Hot Button…

One comment I hear often about my personality is that I’m calm and collected — that I keep my cool in high-drama situations.

It hasn’t always been this way, but when one is subjected to blessed by three messy, active boys in under four years, one has a tendency to learn to tolerate high levels of noise, roughhousing, and tomfoolery.

It takes a lot for me to lose my cool, but last week it happened. It wasn’t my kids who fanned my flames either — it was a stranger in a restaurant who crossed the line and did something I just can’t ignore.

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