Keepin’ it Humble

Parenting is THE MOST HUMBLING experience ever. The moment you think you’re NAILING IT, you get knocked right back to Earth.

Like when you gather the gumption to face those four baskets of clean laundry, and get it folded in ONE sitting. It’s 10:30 p.m. and you are feelin’ GOOD (and gassed)!

But wait a second….


For real?

Or how about on Mother’s Day when the kiddies at church were asked what they appreciate about their moms, and my kindergartener piped up, “She taught me how to read!”

I tell you, I was THISCLOSE to tearing up before I noticed my three-year-old, stage right, chewing the foam cover off the microphone. When I tried to apprehend him, he bolted, and I had to chase him, administer a headlock, and boombox-carry him out of the sanctuary. Of course my toddler ran behind me, crying “Come wif! Come wif!” grabbing for my leg and pulling my skirt right off my hips.

Ain’t no time for pride, Momma.

Or how about in the car a couple days ago when Gray asked me who would be the last person on Earth. I told him that we are expecting Jesus to one day return and clear off the whole gigantic planet at once.

“Cool, Mom! I can’t WAIT to meet JESUS!”

Just as I prepared to pat myself on the back for training a child in the way he oughtta go, he added, “Wait, I hope he doesn’t come during my iPad time.”

If any job keeps you humble, it’s being a parent. We may do a lot of things right, but we’ve got to be ready, ALWAYS READY, for that next curveball!

Would you share your stories? I’d love to hear how your kiddos have bumped you from your throne and reminded you that this parenting gig ain’t easy, but it sure is humbling – and hilarious too!

25 thoughts on “Keepin’ it Humble

  1. Pretty much every time one of them almost kills one of the other ones (only four times total so far(*)), I realize just how little control I have over anything. I realize that I can’t make them listen to the sensible safety precautions we have for them, and I realize that I can’t be there all the time to prevent any and all bad things from happening.

    That sort of thing makes me feel very humble in a heartbeat.

    (*) Everyone’s fine! Just narrow misses and two trips to the ER, one of which resulted in an overnight hospital stay. I told the child responsible for that one that I was going to wallpaper her room with copies of the medical bills, but I didn’t follow through.


    1. Isn’t that the truth? Parenting is one giant lesson in relinquishing CONTROL! I am a recovering germaphobe control freak. God must laugh every day about these three boys he gave me 😉 Glad you could relate to the post, and that everyone in your house is okay too, for the moment…haha! Thanks for reading and sharing, AthenaC! Stacy

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  2. I am laughing so hard! I hope He doesn’t come during my iPad time! That’s hilarious.

    Also, boombox-carry. Your writing is so vivid and enjoyable to read.

    During Libby’s first communion luncheon yesterday, she received a rosary. My dad asked, Libby, “Do you know how to say the rosary?” Confidently, she said, “Yes.” My dad congratulated me and I felt awfully proud. Then Libby said, “Rose-a-ree.” Needless to say, I was pretty humbled.


    1. Always knew that girl was BRILLIANT! Ha! Whenever I’m in the bathroom, I think of the story about your daughter going to find you some “privacy.” 🙂 Love these crazy kids of ours!


  3. This truly is laugh out loud hilarious, as well as deeply moving and full of a very grounded sense of truth about what it is to be human. You do that combination so very well. I’m not a mother, so I don’t have stories to share from that perspective, but I remember embarrassing my mother when her own mother came to visit when I was about 6 or 7. My grandmother was dutch, and when she said ‘ah, the kettle’s cooking’ I said, ‘no Oma, it’s boiling.’ Hugs, H xxx


    1. You are so kind, Harula. Thank you for the encouragement.

      I love the kettle story. Your mother must have cringed a bit! 🙂 I’m sure she knew you meant well!

      Happy spring to you. Looking forward to reading more of your lovely poems! Hugs, Stacy


  4. lol my wrote a letter to me at school for mother’s Day! They were to write something they like about their mom and mine puts that she loves me because I buy her birthday presents! I would have loved to see her teacher’s face after she read that one lol!


    1. Haha, it’s the little things! That is too cute.

      My sister is an early elementary teacher, and she has the very best stories of silliness and sweetness in the classroom. Aren’t kids the best?

      Thanks for reading and sharing, April! Hope we can connect again!


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  5. Stacy, thanks again for your story, Always fun reading your blog. I just bet you are one wonderful MOM to those 3 lucky boys. I know you must be busy but I also know you will make time for your boys too. GOD bless you as you train them in the ways of our LORD!!!



    1. Yes, they definitely keep me busy (and keep me on my toes!), but I am SO grateful for them! Thanks for reading my story and for the kind encouragement. I appreciate you! Hugs, Stacy


  6. Stacy I am dying laughing! I have a backfired mama trick. So I often use exaggerated “threats” to get what I want. For example I told Sofia that if she continued to pull all of the toilet paper off the holder I was going to have to spend her “Toy” money on toilet paper. Today Eric tells me that Sofia was all distressed when he took more than two squares and said “No Daddy that’s too much Momma wont buy me any more toys!!!” Looks like Momma needs to chill out.


    1. This is GREAT, Val. I’m picturing Sof at the bank cashing in her pennies, and then heading for the Cottonelle…

      Thanks for sharing. I bet Eric had fun with that one!

      XOXO Stace


  7. Sounds like your kids and my kids might be conspiring behind our backs to find new ways to jeopardize our sanity! Thanks for the laugh! Always good to know you’re not alone!

    As for a story– recently we’ve had a slight mouse problem. We saw a few, had to set traps. I’m not proud of it, but I know it isn’t unusual. Still, when I came to pick up my 8 year old (who does tend to be dramatic) and heard him telling his teacher and a crowd of kids that he can’t leave any snacks out because “the rats” will run out and get them……. Yeah. I was embarrassed.


    1. Oh my word! This is GREAT! Glad you walked up on it so you could at least explain to the teacher that the “rats” were of the doormouse variety!

      You are so right — good to know we’re not alone in these crazy, wonderful days 🙂

      Thanks for reading, relating, and sharing too!

      Best, Stacy

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