On Houseflies and Humanity

The first thing I did this morning was turn the calendar to February.

January was a bit of a doozy. We rang in the month with pukers, and rang it out with more of the same. That’s parenting, right? Don’t plan anything in the months between Christmas and Easter…

This round of sickness hit our house on Thursday morning. I’ll spare you the dirtiest of details, but let me just tell you that we’ve gone through a 12-pack of toilet paper in three days, and at the end of the day yesterday, there were nine pairs of underwear soaking in the sink.  I broke out the dusty jug of Clorox, and if you know me, you know it takes a public health crisis for me to reach for the bleach.

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The Things We do for Love (Dirty Jobs: Daughter Edition)

My dad had hip replacement surgery last Friday. The procedure went well, and he was discharged on Sunday, with physical therapy scheduled for Monday. My mom got sick on Sunday night, and couldn’t bring him to his appointment. I volunteered to transport him to and from therapy. He called that morning and explained that he really needed bathing. Could I pick him up early and bring him to my Nana’s house so he could use her walk-in shower? An hour later, we were standing in her bathroom, unloading my dad’s Pert Plus and Irish Spring  from a ratty blue duffle bag. Continue reading

Revise and Improvise


Hi, I’m Stacy.

I am a writer and a certified English and health education teacher, but right now, I’m staying at home and teaching my own brood about a whole bunch of super-important, fundamental, character-building stuff. You know, the crucial kind of stuff that shapes small children and determines what kind of human being they will turn out to be and assures that they will never spend a night in jail or experiment with recreational drugs or use a salad fork to eat an entrée at a fancy restaurant… Continue reading