Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse

I’m honored that a version of my essay, Not My Child: Protecting My Son from a Sexual Predator, is featured today on the MOPS International blog, Hello, Dearest.

For a writer, there is nothing more affirming than when the words of your heart encourage and empower others.

I’m grateful to Leslie Means at Her View from Home for creating the platform for the original story, and to the editors at Hello, Dearest for keeping this important conversation alive.

Thank you. ❤

Read the essay at Hello, Dearest –>

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Grand Edits with Leticia Riley: Revising Life after Pregnancy Loss

Throughout her childhood, Leticia Riley had fleeting thoughts about becoming an obstetrician, a veterinarian, a biology teacher, or a writer – all careers that would allow her to help other human beings. Eventually, she decided to become a registered nurse.

Though Leticia’s career hopes changed over the years, one desire remained the same: to become a mother. Continue reading