Goodbye, Old Boy

We lost our dog this morning. He’d been sick off and on for a few weeks, and we tried all sorts of treatments. This morning, his breathing became labored and I called the vet’s emergency line. She met me at the office for a chest x-ray that revealed severe blastomycosis.

We discussed the options, or lack of them, really, and I knew what we had to do.

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What’s in a Name? (And What the Heck is a Stacy?)

Last night, my girlfriends and I went out to a movie and some much-needed post-holiday catch-up time. My friend Jenny and I ended the night like we often do, sitting in a minivan way later than when we intended to go home (so, like 10:00) talking about parenting and relationships and mindful living and Michael Jackson.

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Best Girls

On Friday afternoons, my dear Kristen comes over for a little accountability group, which translates to three cups of coffee, catching up on all the THINGS that have happened since last week, and then glancing at the clock eight minutes before she has to leave to pick up her kids from school and saying, “Oh, wow, I guess we should group!”

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First Blog-iversary and Some Happy Little News

Readers, Dearests, Friends,

I’m tickled to announce that after a year of “trying out this blogging thing,” Revisions of Grandeur is here to stay. I purchased the domain for the blog and can now be found at (Don’t worry, your old links will redirect!).

A year ago today, I published my introductory post at Revisions of Grandeur. I tried way too hard. I was nervous as all get-out to hit PUBLISH. I had no idea what my next essay would be about. Sixty posts later, I feel so at home with my audience. We’re growing together and going strong, and I have lots of folks to thank for it. Continue reading

NYC Take Two: Tribute to a Friend

It’s been four months since Adam died.

Adria and I were visiting him in New York where he’d moved after accepting an associate professorship at Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in Manhattan. He invited us out for a vacation, vowing to be our trusty tour guide. We had an incredible three days of running around the city, seeing all the major touristy sights and a handful of gems we would never have found without him.

On the fourth day of the trip, Adria, Adam, Lisa (Adam’s girlfriend) and I set out to walk the Brooklyn Bridge and check out Adam’s favorite park, Washington Square.

But then Adam died.

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Revisions of Grandeur Update and New Neighbors Post

Hello, Friends!

It’s been a fun week for Revisions of Grandeur. I published my tenth Grand Edits Guest Feature Story (also my 50th post!) about the inspirational Austin Lucas. If you enjoy a good comeback story, check out this one today — then like it, share it, and pass on the hope!

On Monday, Revisions of Grandeur became a community of 3,000 subscribers! Wow, you guys! I am crazy grateful to all of you who are reading, engaging, and sharing. Thank you for helping build this community. BIG hugs to you all.

Since my family’s move a couple weeks ago, I’ve been thinking a lot about neighbors. I’ve had some fantastic ones over the years. I’d be tickled if you would click and read my post on neighbors over at Her View from Home, and then share your best neighbor memories with me!

Enjoy these last sweet days of August, my friends.


The Big Fast Move

We moved last week, guys!

Just a couple towns over, but still — moving is an ORDEAL.

This whole thing started in June when I noticed a cute little house for sale on the river, and took a ride by, just for kicks.

I do this all the time – scope out real estate, cruise’ around town, stalking up and down alleys in my minivan, dreaming about our future home. (A couple months ago, I drove down an alley and there was a giant hog basking in a small fenced yard right in the middle of town. Whaaa?)

When I spotted the river house, though, I parked the van at the end of the dead end street, facing the back yard, and I just got this feeling. You know the one. Something is right. Something is happening. What you’re seeing has somehow become part of you already. Continue reading