Happy 10th Birthday, Miles

My youngest son is ten years old today. 🎂

Miles, on the day before your sixth birthday, you asked me to take one last picture of you so you could remember what it was like to be five. I can see you there, kneeling in the yard with the ducks around you, eating grain out of your small mittened hand. You had this sweet, contented smile on your face — so at home with your animal friends.

This photo of you and Meri that I took yesterday, on your last day of being nine, is so much like that duck photo. Look at you in the sunshine, delighting in your little lamb. The two of you are obviously dear friends, and you have that same contended grin on your face.

There is so much I could say about the kind, smart, generous boy you are, but I think what I want to say most right now is that you are JOY.

Happy Birthday, Miles. I remember you at five. I remember you at nine. All your ages are written on my heart.

Love, Mom

2 thoughts on “Happy 10th Birthday, Miles

  1. What a beautiful tribute to Miles and to motherhood! Our children’s lives are such a huge part of our lives. They bring us such joy as well as challenges. No matter which we are experiencing in any one moment, love is the umbrella that never changes.


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