To Gray on Your Ninth Birthday

The boy who made me a mama is nine today. I’ve written many letters to my kids over the years. I think I’ll share a few here. . .

Dear Gray,

You have been a big kid with a big personality since the moment we met you. When Dr. Ryan delivered you, he shouted to the operating room, “Somebody get this kid a cheeseburger!” When he put you on the scale and you weighed over twelve pounds, Mom thought she was hallucinating! Dr. Ryan must be some kind of a prophet, because you really do LOVE cheeseburgers, don’t you?

Mom and Dad have enjoyed watching you grow into the terrific guy you were created to be. We admire many things about you, but here are some of our favorites:

Your words: You were an early talker. When you were only two years old, you chattered on in complete sentences. At a time when many toddlers only say “doggie” or “boo-boo,” you were saying, “Don’t worry, Thomas the Train! Gway will help you get back on the twack!”

Your imagination: You have always been a dreamer. When you were four years old, all you wanted to do was swing sticks around in the backyard, carrying out imaginary battles while Mom hollered not to poke your brother Reed in the eyeballs with that thing. Today, you have plenty of swords and light sabers to keep you busy, and your brothers can hold their own in battle!

Sometimes your imagination makes Mom crazy. Remember when you and Mom were at the school table doing math flashcards, and you were gazing out the window, pondering in a dreamy voice, “Does the sky have an end?” Mom just wanted you to know 4+4, but you thought there were more interesting things to think about. . .

Your imagination is one of your best characteristics, too. Your creative spirit shines in your drawing, story-writing, and Lego creating. We hope when you become an adult, you choose a life path that allows you to share your creativity with the world.

Your kind heart: Since you were a preschooler, you have been sensitive to others. You may not remember this, but we cried together one night when you found out that some kids don’t have moms and dads to take care of them. I know you are supportive of our family’s mission to love others, especially foster kids and orphans who may not have a crazy family like ours with whom they can have glow stick baths, living room dance parties, and Friday FRY-days!

Being the oldest of three boys, you have shown kindness thousands of times by tolerating your rambunctious brothers and forgiving them for offenses including, but not limited to, breaking your Lego masterpieces, rubbing their bare butts on your bed after bath time, and even that one time Miles threw up on your shoe at Subway.  We put up with a lot at our house, don’t we, Bud? Thanks for loving, laughing, and forgiving so freely.

Lastly, we admire you for your faith. In your eyes, God has always been the biggest, bestest, and coolest. Stay loyal to The Light Side and your shuttle will forever remain on course.

We love you, “King Gray the Great.” We are so glad you are ours.


Mom and Dad

7 thoughts on “To Gray on Your Ninth Birthday

  1. What a great heartfelt letter. 12 lbs is a big baby! Also first borns do learn to put up with a lot from their younger siblings. I can feel the love from here.


    1. 12 pounds, 1 ounce. I always say, “Don’t forget the ounce — that’s what put me over the edge.” 🙂

      Thanks for reading, Eric! Hope you are getting some spring weather over there!



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