First Leg of the Journey

We’re on the first leg of a new expedition here at the Harrison house, and though we can’t predict what’s around the bend, we’re confident this is the path for us.



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12 thoughts on “First Leg of the Journey

  1. Stacy, you’re embarking on a wonderful journey and I wish you and your family a beautiful one! Because you’re asking yourselves so many questions, you already show how strong and wonderful a family you’ll be for the one child to come and join you.
    Trust yourselves.
    Tell us soon what’s up with the whole thing!
    Sending you hugs and much love!


  2. Morning Stacie, Just got done reading “First Leg of the journey” How excited I am for you and your family. Never fear, your home is just the place some little person needs.There will be more love and fun and you and Chat will be such great parents. The boys will be such a help and protector for that little one. Praying GOD will send you someone soon and all works out without much difficulty. Thanks for sharing, you know I always wait to read what you have . Blessings, Dorie Marie.

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