First Morning

We closed on our new home in early August, moved our stuff in, then turned around and went on two long-before-scheduled camping trips with friends and a road trip to the Minneapolis area to visit my family.

Uff da.

We are so DONE, guys. Done with summer travel. Done with DVDs in the car and graham crackers on the floorboards.

I’m even done with s’mores.

We are all good and ready to be home, to settle into routines during the day and cozy up by the just-dug firepit in the evenings (with big bowls of popcorn, of course).

This morning, my old pup and I went out for our first run on our new stomping grounds, and had the chance to really see and hear and smell the roads and woods the way one only can on foot. It was fun to explore the new area — to make a mental list of all the paths I hope to investigate.

We’ve been getting to know our land day by day — the banks of the river, the woods at the end of our property. We’re familiar, now, with the bracken fern on the forest floor, the birdsongs from the canopy above, patterns of stone beneath the surface.


In the mornings, we have coffee in the sunroom, watching the whitetail deer and wild turkeys skirt the edge of our yard. It seems we take turns keeping watch, often asking one another upon entering the room, “Any critters yet this morning?”


I hope this never gets old — the excitement of being close to woods and water, sharing space with forest animals, tracking burs and grass and mud into our home.

I hope I never stop looking out the kitchen window and up the bend in the river to see if anyone is fishing at the Sucker Hole.


I know we’ll get used to being here, but I hope to always remember the energy and awe of our first morning here. How still I held my body when the deer tiptoed into the yard…


How the chickadee held that seed in his beak and tapped it against the wooden post…


How goofy that turkey looked creeping up to steal the seeds from below the bird feeder…


I hope I remember the excitement in the boys’ voices when they noticed the wildlife too.


The wooly worm.


The snapping turtle.


The toad.


And I hope I remember the shrieks and  giggles when the toad peed all over Reed’s foot.


We’ve got a lot to do around here before things are just the way we want them. The walls are bare. The floors need a facelift. The shower was designed for hobbits.


People, there’s bright green Astroturf covering my deck…


But sometimes, despite all the quirks –maybe even because of the quirks, a place can feel like home when you’ve only just showed up. I think everyone in my family would agree that from the very first morning, this place was home. ❤


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12 thoughts on “First Morning

  1. Considering all things your place looks like paradise…except that shower. I can’t stand showers that aren’t made for real people! I’m fairly tall so I’m PICKY…and somehow now, only my shower at home works right…ya know? Like somehow no other shower can get you as clean as your own shower at home.

    Anyway, loved reading this…hope to read your blog more often. I’m making an effort to read more since I want everyone to read my entries I need to be sharing the sentiment with others.



    1. Haha, I KNOW!!! It doesn’t help that I’m 5’11”, but truly, you’d have to be 4’11” to shower comfortably in that “water closet”!

      Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to comment. I’ll definitely stop by “your place” too!



      Liked by 1 person

  2. Laughed out loud at the green astro-turf 🙂 … and as much as I wanted to picture you writing beautiful (and hilarious) essays from my attic, this truly is the perfect place for you. Love you Stacy!


  3. Your place is gorgeous. I actually dream of a home in the forest near a particular large and beautiful lake. This house came up for sale recently, but we weren’t in a position to buy it, hopefully it will come up again in 5 or so years 🙂
    Meanwhile… what is the deal with the shower? Hahaha that is hilarious!


  4. In the short time here I’ve felt more at home than anywhere previous. Nature suits us. Thank you for capturing this transition masterfully with your words. You did fail to mention the only thing that out numbers the critters are the ceiling fans, circulation is important after all.


  5. Enjoying another good one, I sat and was right with you all the way, I could just see it all. the woods, the water and almost wishing i was there to enjoy it all. I just know you all are going to love your new home You will make many changes to your own liking but when it is all done ,you will sit and relax and thank GOD that he lead you there where it is peace and quiet.GOD bless this little family and give them all many days of joy and laughter and may they always thank you for all the blessings .you give us every day. Thanks again Stacy for sharing your life and family with me.


    1. You are so right, Doris. We have some “tweaks” to take care of, but are thrilled to be in such a beautiful, peaceful spot! (Well, it was peaceful until we showed up anyway…)

      Thank you for the sweet blessing on our family. You are such a kind and encouraging friend!



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