Guys and Dolls: The Update

Hello, Friends!

I hope your Christmas was meaningful and merry, and that you’ve had a little time this weekend to recoup from the excitement.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the decision to give my 21-month-old son a doll for Christmas. You can read the original post here: Guys and Dolls

I promised an after-Christmas update on how the doll was received by a family of three boys. Here it is…

Miles unwrapped Graham first thing on Christmas morning.

DollOpen (2)

He promptly tossed him away.

Tossing Graham away

I tried not to gasp.

The next item we opened was a stroller. I lifted Graham off the floor and placed him in the stroller. Miles looked on suspiciously.

Then he ate a pepparkakor cookie, keeping a close eye on Graham.


Miles decided that the dog’s new squeaky pig was more interesting.


Maybe Graham will like it too.


We opened a few more presents. Apparently, Miles’s favorite gift was the cookies.


I played quietly with Graham (we all know he’s actually for me). Miles sat on my lap and warmed to him a bit.


He picked Graham up and placed him in the stroller. Graham’s hat fell off, and Miles put it back on his head.


He looked around, spotted his blankie and tucked it around Graham–


then pushed him over to the Christmas tree.


He came over for two more cookies. He ate one, and put one in the stroller beside Graham.


A few minutes later, Graham hadn’t eaten his cookie yet, so Miles ate it. Then he ate a dozen more cookies. Don’t judge. It was Christmas morning.

We went over to my parents’ house, and Graham spent Christmas Day like this…


The next morning, Gray and Miles played with Graham. Gray fixed his hat–


And Miles worked shoes back onto his squishy feet.


Yes, they are still in their jammies from the day before. You can judge now if you want to.

The next day, Miles did a lot of this…


And Graham did a lot of this.


I’m not entirely sure what Buzz was doing.

That evening, I was away at bedtime, but Chad said Miles wanted Graham in his crib.


When Chad tucked him in, Miles said, “Baby poooo-py.”

Chad pretended to change Graham’s diaper.  (I wish I had a pic of this.)

Miles was delighted.

Well played, Miles.

Yesterday, at lunchtime, Gray pushed Graham over in his stroller and suggested that I write a song for Graham like I did for the three boys. I told Gray he should help me. He said something like,

Graham, Graham, Graham-itty Graham-ly,

We’re glad you’re in the Harrison family–

But that’s as far as we got because then this happened…


Wait, is Gray in pajamas again? Uh, it must have been an early lunch. Yeah.

So this morning, I came downstairs to this…


And a little later this.


It’s been a bit bumpy, but I feel confident that one way or another, Graham is going to be just fine here!


Stacy (and all the boys)

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