Grand Edits with Rich Henrion: Revising Life with a New Direction

When my siblings and I were kids, our family took a lot of road trips. My dad would choose the vacation destination months, if not years, ahead of time. He’d make calls and send for brochures, spend hours sitting at the table with the map spread open before him. He kept long, detailed notes, written in all caps on a legal pad, of the mileages between cities, points of interest at National Parks, his estimated fuel and lodging costs for the trip. Continue reading

Take Me to a Place

I have a wild heart. I’ve known it forever.

As a girl, I was drawn to the fastest, highest, spinny-est rides at the carnival.

My favorite novelty at summer camp was riding the knotted rope swing out over Hagerman Lake, then letting go and free-falling into the water. At winter retreats, I always said YES to the Polar Bear Swim, running from sauna to frozen lake, then plunging into the frigid waters through an opening cut in the ice.

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