The Mornings We Make

There was a time in our lives when mornings began with our three sons in front of the television.

They’re up early, always before six, and my husband and I prefer to wake slowly (for the first hour anyway). Turning on the TV resulted in kids sitting quietly while Chad and I sipped coffee and talked to one another about the things we were reading and thinking and planning.
At one point, I questioned the morning TV habit. The kids were always grumpy and whiny when it came time to turn it off and get ready for school or church. It seemed like that hour of television cast a shadow over our mornings.

What would happen, I wondered, if the screen remained black?

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Homeschooling: The Big Questions

August is here, and we are now in our second year of homeschooling. Last year at this time, I was a ball of nerves – an excited, terrified ball of nerves. I had a lot of questions about how things would look for our kids’ education. A few weeks into the year, I realized that most of my anxieties were non-issues.

I could do this.

I can do this.

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Earth Love

Hello, Friends!

Even though it’s snowing outside my window, I’m thinking about my favorite day of spring: Earth Day!

Annually celebrated on April 22, Earth Day is designated to promote worldwide support for environmental protection.

As a resident of the wild and wonderful Upper Peninsula of Michigan, I feel both excited and burdened by the responsibility to teach my children to take care of our glorious Earth. Continue reading