Grand Edits with Bob Coombs: Revising Life as a Quadriplegic

As a child, Bob Coombs knew he would one day become famous. He loved performing and singing, and imagined living a vibrant life in New York or Los Angeles, pursuing his artistic dreams. In high school, Bob participated in chorus and drama, and reveled in being on a stage under the spotlights. Continue reading

Grand Edits with Becky Kleikamp: Revising Life after the Loss of Two Children

One of my favorite times of the day is when I first hear my 22-month-old son Miles talking in his crib in the morning. Sometimes it’s earlier than I want it to be, and I know that when I step out of bed and walk past the balcony door, my ankles will be hit with a cold draft. I know that as soon as we go downstairs, I’ll be filling cups and cutting toast and refereeing squabbles and gathering gear for outings. Continue reading

Grand Edits with Gwen Sternhagen: Revising Life with an SMA-diagnosed Child

All of life is a draft. We look ahead with expectations and hopes of what the future will bring, but often, despite our choices, despite our resolve, events or circumstances beyond our control force us to rethink our plans. We edit our pages, making grand revisions, accepting the twists and turns of our story, doing all we can with what we are given, determined to create a narrative that is beautiful, albeit messy — our own shabby, yet shimmering story. Continue reading