Team-up Time

As much as I love doing my quiet blog thing here at Revisions of Grandeur, it’s fun to step out and work with others who are doing creativity in other ways — and I was lucky enough to do that twice this month.

The first fun project was a team-up with my friend Jenny over at Three Letter Birds to create these funny and sweet Mother’s Day cards. I conjured the words and she made them sing with her magical design eye.

Classic Love Card — >

Just Like Me Card –>

They turned out pretty wonderful, don’t you think?

The second collaboration was with another Jenny, the lovely and fearless editor of ForEveryMom, who kindly featured my essay about saying YES when you can. I’d love for you to give it a read this fine Monday morning and let me know what a YES looks like for you in the comments below.

If you’re a writer or other artsy type who feels the creative world can be a bit lonely, don’t forget all the others plugging away out there who might enjoy an ally. Reach out and team up, even for one day or one project.

Cheers, you artsy people,


*featured image via Three Letter Birds

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4 thoughts on “Team-up Time

  1. Wonderful posting on saying yes. My boy is like yours, he’ll take any opportunity to play. The other morning I was heading out the door when he yelled bye bye mama from his high chair. I realized in that moment I completely forgot to kiss him goodbye. “Mom guilt” hit me pretty hard. I ended up breaking out the play doh and sitting with him for a few minutes creating whales and sharks upon his request. We had a ball! Yes I ended up late to my appointment but it was well worth it!!


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