The Book Basket: And Then It’s Spring

Welcome to The Book Basket, a place for sharing seasonal reads and other literature we are enjoying in our home.

Reading to my three sons is hands-down my favorite thing to do with them. Reading time is bonding time and learning time rolled into one.  When we read together, we slow down, regroup, and connect.

It’s the best part of our day, every day.

I have a large collection of books sorted by season and theme that I rotate out every few months, and I’m always particularly happy to see this book when I reach for the spring stack…


And Then It’s Spring, written by Julie Fogliano and illustrated by Erin E. Stead (Caldecott Medal winner)

Recommended age range: 4-7

ISBN 1596436247

(You can buy it here, but I hope you’ll check your local bookstore first!)

And Then It’s Spring is the simple story of a boy who, after a long winter, sets out to plant a garden. Though the ground is brown when he digs holes and places tiny seeds into the earth, he is hopeful that with patience and care and “a wish for rain,” his plants will grow.

What the kids like: the critters!

My children have a great deal of fun spotting and observing the non-human characters in the book, particularly the dog and the underground creatures.

FullSizeRender (30)

Their favorite part is the dog guarding the spot where he “planted” his bone.


What I like: the tone, simplicity, and themes of hope and anticipation.

The thoughtful children’s educator Charlotte Mason encouraged adults to see that our children have, each day, something to love, something to do, and something to think about.

This book is a “something to think about.” It inspires us to imagine what’s going on beneath the surface of the just-thawed earth. It gets our wheels spinning about all the things seeds require in order to grow. It makes us wonder about what goes on in a garden when humans are away…

FullSizeRender (31)

This book is not action-packed or exciting, by any standards. It is a quiet book that nurtures reflection — that begs the reader to turn its pages again and again for the illustrations alone.

As a cold-climate dweller, I relate to the boy waiting in anticipation for the brown earth to turn “a hopeful, very possible sort of brown.” As a gardener, I understand the vulnerability of waiting for my little seeds to grow — tending to them with care and concern.

“please do not stomp here – there are seeds and they are trying”

A truly good book is enjoyed by children and adults alike. Julie Fogliano and Erin Stead have created that perfect kind of magic with this one.

Enjoy this delightful book this spring!

Do you have a favorite spring book? Share it in the comments!

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8 thoughts on “The Book Basket: And Then It’s Spring

  1. We love gardening. My wife does the flowers around the house and I do the veggies in the garden. The boys love it too. This looks like a fun book. Stella and Sam – Signs of Spring is a good one, too. I love Stella’s imaginative adventures with her little brother.


    1. Thanks for the suggestion, Eric! It finally feels like spring has arrived in Upper Michigan– has it found you in Canada? We are looking forward to putting in our garden at the end of next month. Sounds like we’ll have to check out Stella between now and then!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I, too, love reading to my children. It’s been interesting to me to see their taste in books develop and change over time. I feel like my son’s taste in books has slid all the way over to the non-fiction side. He is almost six and rarely chooses fiction books for himself anymore. His choices are all about volcanoes or dinosaurs or outer space. I have to confess that I miss his old choices.

    My three-year old daughter (thankfully) still has variety in her selections, but continues to select mostly fiction books.

    Thanks for this book recommendation. I’ll see if our library has that one. Hopefully it will be one that they both enjoy.


    1. I know what you mean, Lonna! My oldest boy prefers books about robots and outer space these days, but I can usually get him hooked on an “Imagination Station” book or a trusty favorite like “Charlotte’s Web.” Implementing the mom-gets-a-choice- too rule has helped me out a lot 😉 Thanks for stopping by and connecting, Lonna! Let me know what your kids think of “And Then It’s Spring.” Best, Stacy

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